Cambridge University Pool Club

University Women's Singles Ladder

Invitations to trials for the women's varsity squad will partly be given out based on results on the ladder throughout the year. Anyone interested in joining the women's ladder is welcome to do so, just log in to the site and click on one of the empty spaces.

Players occupying the TOP THREE places (highlighted on the ladder below) when the deadline for varsity selection is reached, will automatically qualify for the Varsity team.

Players on ROW THREE automatically qualify for the Varsity Trial.

Current Positions

Henry Dickie
Emma Pewsey
Fiona Christie
Louisa Quegan
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Claire Farey
Kate Hillman
Shai Caspi

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Rules of the Ladder

  1. You may challenge any player on the row above yours. If your challenge is successful then you and the other player will swap places directly on the ladder.
  2. All challenges must be answered within 5 term days and played within 10 term days from the date the original challenge was made or a walkover could be given.
  3. A match should be played over at least 7 frames (first to 4).
  4. You may not make or agree to play challenges while you have a challenge outstanding.
  5. You are not officially involved in a challenge with someone above you until they contact you confirming your challenge. (This is not a license to ignore challenges). If whilst waiting for a reply you receive a challenge from below then you should reply and the original challenge becomes void.
  6. Any suspected foul play when it comes to accepting and making challenges should be reported to the League Secretary immediately who will ask to see the relevant emails. Punishment is at his discretion, continued abuse may result in removal from the ladder and/or exclusion from varsity.
  7. If an agreement cannot be reached about choice of venue or table then the person who is highest on the ladder has the final say.
  8. There must be at least a 1 week wait after losing a match before the player that beat you is obliged to grant you a rematch (they can if they wish).
  9. All matches are to be played to World Rules.
  10. Any player who fails to show up within 30 minutes of the agreed time shall forfeit the match.
  11. Claims for a walkover must be made by at most 3 days after the 10 day time limit for playing matches has expired.


Name P W L F A Pts arp54 3-4 kca20
jab229 3-4 arp54
Sharon Hook 5-1 Emma Pewsey
Sharon Hook (removed)110519
kca20 (removed)110436
arp54 (removed)211775
er349 (removed)000000
Ameera Patel (removed)000000
Chris Woodhouse (removed)000000
Claire Farey000000
Emily Brewster (removed)000000
Henry Dickie000000
Holly Lanes (removed)000000
Jenni Ball (removed)000000
Jiayu Zhang (removed)000000
Julia Oswald (removed)000000
Kate Hillman000000
Shai Caspi000000
dominique piche (removed)000000
Fiona Christie000000
Louisa Quegan000000
Roxana Antohi (removed)000000
jab229 (removed)10134-1
Emma Pewsey10115-4
Scoring system
  1. 5 points are given for a win, 0 points for a loss
  2. In addition at most +5 or -5 points are given for frame difference.
  3. Walkovers are given as a 5-4 victory.